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Saxm2s 0.5.53 source mirrored at

What it is

It is a client which connects to a locally running xmms2 daemon. I wrote it with the idea that I wanted a simple(ish) graphical client that blended well with my standard theme settings. The result is a player that uses all standard QT widgets and doesn't override any color or other theme settings (that I know of).



Current Status

2010-06-04: The server has been back up for a while now, but I forgot to update it here until now. I did get a meter from newegg. Then, two months later Radio Shack started carrying them. Oh well. This project has been idle for a long time, but I've gotten comfortable with the flow of things at work, so I think I'll be able to devote some more time to this project now. Also, I fixed the link to the GPL license so that it once again points to version 2 of the GPL, and I updated the installing section.

2008-10-10: I've moved and started a new job. While this is an exciting time it has had a major side affect: the webserver with the source code and releases is down. And I can't turn it back on yet. Due to electric bill distribution concerns at my new location, I have to put a meter on the webserver so that I can be billed appropriately for the electricity it consumes. Unfortunately, Radio Shack has apparently not carried these for about the last 2 years. </rant> I will be ordering one from soon and hope to have everything back up by the end of October. Sorry for any inconvenience, and know that newegg and Radio Shack are probably trademarks of their respective companies.

2008-08-26: Now that Senior Year is over for me, I've had some more time to work saxm2s. So far the repository version has support for XMMS2 0.5 DrLecter (revno 144), better error reporting (revno 160), better media search (revno 143), and all of the tabs are now python egg-style plugins (too many rev numbers to list). The primary things remaining before the next release candidate shows up are the plugin configuration window and dealing with the eggs on a system without python-setuptools.

2007-09-06: Added 0.5.53. Has new translations, a simplemedia search and add function (using the medialib), access to the daemon's config settings, and fixes to work with Dr. Jekyll.

2007-07-25: The repository version works with the current version of xmms2 but many of the features are still broken. School has, as always, taken more time than I had anticipated. I will continue to try to keep up.

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Known Issues

See the bug tracker.


From packages

Running requires python, pyqt, qt, and xmms2 to be installed. Then, grab the autopackage or 0install feed to get a pre-built version.

From source

Building from source requires python and the development packages of pyqt, qt, and xmms2. Versions prior to 0.5.52-rc1 also require scons.

Versions after and including 0.5.52-rc1 use the waf build system. You can do the ./configure && make && make install if you want, or you can run ./waf configure && ./waf && ./waf install.

Versions prior to 0.5.52-rc1 use the scons build system. Building can be done by running scons, and installed by running "scons install".

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