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Older News

2007-02-01: Added 0.5.52 about 2 weeks late. I am trying out two new systems of distribution: Autopackage and 0Install.

2006-12-03: Added 0.5.52-rc1 release. DrGonzo compatible, context menus, etc. This is the first time that an rc-type release is done. I did this primarily because this is the first time I've had to worry about translations. I have uploaded the most recent templates for the project, and will wait a while for the translations in rosetta to be updated before releasing 0.5.52.

2006-11-13: I had hoped to get the next release out at the beginning of this month, but that hasn't happened. I'm now targetting December. Hopefully by then I'll have finally fixed one of my machines enough to do development again.
Things to look forward to:

2006-08-18: Things at school are starting to calm down a bit again. I still don't have enough time to work on this, but here are my current plans anyway:

2006-07-14: 0.5.51 is out (see above). This release has a big bug fix and a feature which won't be noticable. The bug occurred when the next song in a list is shorter in duration than the current one and the next song begins playback. If SAXm2s is running when this happens, the shorter song will often (if not always) be skipped entirely. I appologize for any trouble this has caused.
The feature is polling only for playlist entries (qt now handles checking the file descriptor for updates).

2006-04-08: I made a mistake in making the 0.5.40 tarball. This is now fixed: the base directory in the tarball matches the tar's file name. Also today I will post the current version that works with the Dr Dolittle release. Fixed issues include not dying when non ASCII charaters are in the playlist, and not starting a song twice when jumping. (0.5.44)

2006-04-01: Had a few minutes (finally) so I fixed a few things. Namely, the status bar now shows where you will seek when you drag the time slider, and I finished up the config update for volume/balance (now this client reflects changes made to volume by other clients). Maybe soon I'll be able to fix up the playlist. (0.5.40)

2005-12-12: The client should now be ready for the impending Dr. Alban release. The playlist still is not up to par, but it is a bit better.

2005-10-07: Haven't had nearly as much time as I'd like to work on this. I have implemented a majority of the playlist functionality (everything except moving elements) as far as events go. Still don't have a method of deleting items (from within saxm2s). Still don't have the configuration tab doing anything.

2005-08-29: school term is nearing an end. I plan on a week of vacation from classes where I can put some time into fixing up the playlist update function, and perhaps work some more on the configuration tab.

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