These screenshots are from the WIPs in the development branch.

revision 157 (john@john-laptop-rep-20080718201316-nszyhc0vt62onir0) with the configure button to the right of the tabs

Old SAXm2s screen shots

A brief explanation of these screen shots: my laptop, where most or all of these were taken, has a nice deep blue theme going and the ion3 window manager. The client does not override any of the color theme settings you may be using. My goal was to make a simple program that blends in fairly well with other windows on the system.

A full screen shot on my laptop

A comparison of 4 themes at once, using qt commandline args.

The version shown is actually an in development version which temporarily has the song numbers messed up. This will (hopefully) be fixed before the next release.
The images show my regular theme (top right) with more standard themes/colors. Technically, the bottom right is the same theme but with standardish colors. :)

An example in a KDE3.4 environment. Those with a keen eye will notice that I stole one of the xmms 1.x icons for the desktop and quicklaunch areas so that my eyes won't hurt while looking at them :)