Study Guide for Final Maple Quiz

TDEC 180: Computation Lab II
Instructor: Jeremy Johnson 
Exam date: (In class on Wed. Mar. 15 at the beginning of your scheduled lab time)

Students must attend their lab section.

Exam Topics

The point of the quiz is to test that you can use Maple to explore a mathematical concept involving integration and to make sure that you are competent using Maple. The mathematical concept involved is a generalization of the factorial function called the Gamma function (see problem 67 on page 579 of Anton). The definition of the Gamma function involves an improper integral. The Maple commands you will need to use and be comfortable with are:
  1. plot
  2. seq, evalf, and limit
  3. int (for definite integration)
  4. intparts from the student package (see lab 3)
  5. numeric integration using evalf (see lab 4)
  6. writing a simple recursive function in Maple (see lab 3).
Here is an example of a recursive function to add the numbers from 1 to n (this is from last term)
sumn := proc(n)
  if (n = 1) then  # base case
      return n;
      return n + sumn(n-1);  # recursion
  end if;

Exam Rules

  1. The exam will be designed to take one hour; however, if necessary students may use the full lab time.
  2. The quiz will use Maple and will be in the form of a Maple worksheet.
  3. Maple help may be used (is encouraged) and you may use your calculus text. Other resources are not allowed.
  4. The quiz must be done individually

Review Resources

You should attend regularly scheduled office hours if there are any parts of the labs this term you did not understand. Extra office hours will be available on Tue. Mar. 14 in Dr. Johnson's office from 1:30-4.