Submitting Assignments

CS 300 Applied Symbolic Computation
Instructor: Jeremy Johnson 

How to submit your assignment

Please submit your assignment electronically using the "submit" command that is available on the MCS Unix computers. To learn more about submit, see the man page (i.e. "man submit").

The steps to submit your homework.

  1. Place all of the files you want to submit in one directory. Note that you should not submit executable or object files. You must include instructions for me to rebuild and execute your program. You should submit all source code, header files, makefiles, description files, sample input and output files, along with a readme file out that lists all files submitted and their contents.
  2. enter the submit command and select me as the instructor.
  3. select cs300 for the class.
  4. select appropriate assignment.
  5. select the files you want to submit.
  6. make sure you enter "submit" to submit the files you selected. You must also reply "yes" to force the submission to occur. When you do so you should see a list of the files you submitted.
  7. You may resubmit a file; however, each submitted file is time stamped. If you use submit again, you may list the files you have already submitted.