Midterm Exam Studyguide

CS 540/ECE 621 High Performance Computing
Instructor: Jeremy Johnson 
Exam Date: Take home exam 11/10 - 11/14


  1. Lectures 1 through 4
  2. Chapters 3, 5, 6, and 9 of CSAP

Format of the Exam

The exam will be a take home exam and may involve some simple programming or benchmarking. The exam must be done independently (you may not discuss the exam with anyone other than the instructor). Questions (especially those asking for clarification) may be posted on the class discussion board and if appropriate I will answer them. Other students may not respond to questions regarding the exam.

There will be

  1. One question related instruction set architectures, counting instructions, and the affect of algorithm selection and compiler optimization on instruction count.
  2. One question program transformations (e.g. loop unrolling) and optimizations.
  3. There will be one question dealing with cache, counting cache misses, and the affect of algorithm selection on cache performance.
  4. There will be one question on benchmarking, performance counters, and simulators.