UNIV 101
Fall '03


UNIV 101: The Drexel Experience

Class: Section E34
Tuesday 4-5pm
Academic Building 107
Mailing list:  univ101e34 @ imap.cs.drexel.edu
Instructor: Dr. Jeremy Johnson
Department of Computer Science
Email: jjohnson @ cs.drexel.edu
Office: Korman 206
Office hours:  M 3-6, W 1-3 (additional hours can be arranged by appointment if necessary).
Textbook: Becoming a Master Dragon: Making the Most of Your Freshmen Experience
Reading assignments due the week for which they are listed
Class Resources: Click here for a list of useful resources.
Grades are based on class attendance and weekly email messages.

Each week (except where noted), email the instructor a short message describing some aspect of your experience at Drexel.  Occaisionally, when indicated, the email should address a particular topic.

Students are also required to visit the instructor during his office hours at least once during the term.

Civic Engagement Requirement: five hours of civic engagement to be satisfied sometime during Fall and/or Winter terms

Fall Term Schedule

Week 1
(Week of Sep 22)

- Course Requirements
- Getting to Know Drexel
- Assignment: 1-page journal about Drexel experiences

Week 2
(Week of Sep 29)
Civic Engagement
- Civic Engagement Presentation (15 - 30 minutes at beginning of class)
- Chapter 1, Building Success
- Chapter 2, Campus Culture
- Assignment: 1-page journal about computer-related news article or Drexel experiences
Week 3
(Week of Oct 6)
Curricular and University Requirements
- Chapter 3, Curriculum Issues
- Chapter 12, Navigating Your Way
- Assignment: In this week's email, you should choose one day which you have classes, and provide a short summary of each class.  Also do Chapter 4 time exercises and bring to class.
Week 4
(Week of Oct 13)

Time Management
- Chapter 4, Taming Time
- Chapter 5, Your Procrastination Habit
- Assignment: In this week's email, you should comment on your time management.

Week 5
(Week of Oct 20)

Learning to Learn
- Chapter 6, Learning with Style
- Chapter 7, Learning - The Cornerstone of Success

Week 6
(Week of Oct 27)
Action Aids Presentation
- Assignment: In this week's email, you should comment on your midterm exams.
Week 7
(Week of Nov 3)

Study Skills
- Chapter 8, Active Listening and Note-Taking Skills

Week 8
(Week of Nov 10)

- Chapter 9, Test Taking
- Chapter 10, Stress Management/Test and Math Anxiety

Week 9
(Week of Nov 17)

- Chapter 11, Managing Your Finances

Week 10
(Week of Nov 24)
Thanksgiving Week
No Class
Week 11
(Week of Dec 1)
Checking In
- Discussion of Issues from Fall quarter

Winter Term Schedule

Week 1
(Week of Jan 5)
Checking In and Getting Started
- Discussion about Winter quarter
- Major projects / concerns for students
Week 2
(Week of Jan 12)
Job Skills
- Read given material
Week 3
(Week of Jan 19)

Resumes and Cover Letters
- Read given material

Week 4
(Week of Jan 26)

Coop and Job Search
- Methods (Group A) taught by coop
- Interviews (Group B) taught by CoE faculty

Week 5
(Week of Feb 2)
Contemporary Work Place Issues
- Coop will provide material for us to use as a framework to teach this topic
Week 6
(Week of Feb 9)
Coop and Job Search
- Methods (Group B) taught by coop
- Interviews (Group A) taught by CoE faculty
Week 7
(Week of Feb 16)

Choosing a Major
- Chapter 13, Choosing a Major

Week 8
(Week of Feb 23)
Civic Engagement
- Discussion about Projects / Progress
Week 9
(Week of Mar 1)
SCDC - Policies and Procedures (coop will teach this)
Week 10
(Week of Mar 8)
SCDC - Policies and Procedures (coop will teach this)

Course Resources