Final Project List

CS 680-501 Computer Algebra II
Instructor: Jeremy Johnson 
Due date: Finals week.

Computer Algebra II requires a final project inplace of a final exam. The final project is due when the final exam would be held (i.e. at the regular class time during finals week). All project must be done individually. They typically require studying, implementing, and analyzing an algorithm - the analysis will require empirical benchmarking. The list of topics is given below. A topic must be selected by class time on Wed. Apr. 26.

Please arrange an appointment to see me if you have questions.

Possible Project Topics

More details and references will be provided.
  1. LLL latice reduction algorithm. Determining integer linear combinations of numeric constants using lattice reduction.
  2. Asymptotically fast algorithms for polynomial factorization (based on LLL lattice reduction).
  3. Sparse interpolation.
  4. Symbolic integration.
  5. approximate gcd calculation.
  6. complex zero calculation.
  7. application of Groebner bases to filter design and wavelets.