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  1. Apr. 1 - Everyone should make sure they have access to Maple (preferably version 9) and try out the worksheets from the first lecture. The student version of Maple 9 can be purchased using the link under the text book on the class web page. This provides a discount for students in this class.
  2. Apr. 21 - I have begun posting announcements to the class mailing list. Everyone in the class should be subscribed to the list (using your official Drexel email). Please let me know if you are not receiving email from this list.
  3. Apr. 21 - The second assignment assign2.mws was posted on Tue. Apr. 20. There was a typo in question 2 of the assignment that said that the sum of the values of the children of a node should equal the value of the node. This is not true, the sum should be one less than the value at the node. I have posted a corrected version.
  4. Apr. 29 - The take-home midterm has been posted.
  5. Apr. 29 - The solution to assignment 2 has been posted.
  6. May 7 - The solution to the midterm has been posted.
  7. May 29 - For those of you not in class on Thursday, I posted Assignment 4.
  8. May 29 - Lectures notes for next week have been posted.

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