Commencement 2001

// CS Senior Chris Cera        
#include <iostream>
using namespace std ;
int main(void) {        
   cout << "Hello, World!" << endl ;        
   return 0 ;         

After numerous years of photography with my trusty Apple QuickTake 150 digital camera, I used our newly-acquired Sony DCR-VX2000 to record these images at Drexel's June 9, 2001 commencement ceremony. OK , it's actually a digital camcorder, but you can take digital stills with it also. Someday I may learn what all those buttons and dials are for. In the meantime, you can get pretty far by pointing and clicking. Of course, this is a bit like using a Mercedes to pound nails into a wall. See below! -- JL Popyack

Tassel: Cosmetic

Lenses: Corrective

Internet Access: Instant

Drexel Education: Priceless

Congratulations, graduates!

JL Popyack (, 6/9/1