1997 Commencement

Here are a few pictures I took of MCS graduates at Commencement Exercises on June 14, 1997. I was using an Apple QuickTake 150 digital camera.

Images1-3 are of a group of special CS seniors who I was lucky enough to teach in a special 'honors' section of Computer Prog II in their freshmen year. It's very pleasing to see them graduating. The group, using Image 2 as a guide, includes Matt Inger, Jeremy Dwyer, Jason Frye, Larry Rosenzweig, Evan Oslick, Steven Wurster (but you have to look closely), Clint Hepner, Gary Bonk, James Quirk, John Mangano, Jon Fiedler II. Members of that class not pictured but also graduating were Scott Lennartz, Rob Sliwa, Nelson Diaz (who changed majors to Info Systems):

Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Members of our Upsilon Pi Epsilon chapter, wearing their distinctive UPE stoles (OK, I just cropped Image 2):

UPE Chapter

You really need to look at this outtake of Jason Frye.

I managed to catch Hon Chon Chang walking backwards from the camera very quickly. Nevertheless, he was his usual photogenic self.

Here is a nice photo of 3 of our finest math assistants: Marna Mozeff, Adam Rickert, and Ben Hines.

A very nice picture of Sara Kaur and some guy. (We would call him Goutham Rao, but he changed universities, so he remains anonymous.)

Our cadre of very fine students from the former Soviet Union all seemed to be standing together, so I got them to pose for a picture. I will miss you (although I admit it is already a lot quieter in the area outside my office!)

And finally, I was glad to catch some of our MCS Society leaders hanging out together as I left the robing area.