NSF CAREER: Querying evolving graphs (2018-2023) info

NSF BIGDATA: F: "Foundations of responsible data management (2017-2021) info

NSF CRII: "Managing preference data" (2015-2017) info

US-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF): "Aggregation methods for partial preferences" (2015-2017).

NSF USICCS: "Aggregation methods for partial preferences" (supplements BSF) (2015-2017).

Drexel Office of the Provost and the Steinbright Career Development Center Research Co-op Award (2014).

Google Research Award: "Identifying ranked agreement among raters" (2012).

CRA Computing Innovations Fellowship: "Data exploration in biological repositories" (2009-2011).

Michelman Award for service to the Computer Science Department, Columbia University (2008).

DuBois Undergraduate Research Scholarship, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (1997).

I am looking for talented Computer Science students to join my research group.

Take a look at my projects and send me an email if interested.