Week 2
Introduction to processes

I. Life of a Process

a. Our view of a process in memory

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We will discuss more about this in memory management.

b. The real view of processes

c. Process Control Block (PCB)

Process State
Process ID (PID)
Program Counter
CPU Registers
CPU Scheduling Info
Memory Limits
Memory Management Info
Open Files

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  1. Process state: Can be either new, running, ready, waiting, halted, etc.
  2. Program Counter: Helps you remember where you were
  3. CPU Register: All of them need to be stored to allow context switch
  4. Scheduling info: Priority, etc.
  5. Memory Limit: Base and limit register
  6. Memory management: to be discussed later
  7. I/O: The ones held and the status associated with it.
  8. Accounting information: Things like how long has it been running, etc. (stuff apps like top needs)