Homework 1: Common Concerns

1. Bad Design (minumum -20pt for not compiling, scoring varies)

Ok, this is all about design, you will have to refer to the Design Suggestions for more detail.

2. Operators not overloaded or not completely done right in that regard (depending on severity and problems I took anywhere from 2 to 15 or even more points off)

  1. Ok, some of you didn't overload the operators and just did everything in the main... that is wrong.
  2. Some of you did not have helper functions for the operator overloads (referr to lab 1 for more on that)
  3. Some of you did not overload operators for one of the objects only but did it for the other (most commonly I saw the Store having it and Movie not)
  4. Some of you had overload operators that just didn't make sense (like adding 2 stores, I don't even know how that can work)

3. Bad understanding of vectors in general (up to -20pt)

  1. Some of you didn't really get the fact that a vector has dynamic size. You can resize it by either evoking the resize function or using push_back to add to the end.
  2. Some of you didn't realize that you must have the actual object in the vector to be able to manipulate it. You have to actually make the space for that object before you can put that object there, like if you have a vector of size 10 you can't put something in the 14th element.
  3. Some of you just avoided vectors in general.

4, Not following directions for Return and Rent function (-2pt or more)

Yeah, this is kind of self explanatory. The assignment asked you to make both function taking only one parameter of integer in. That integer is supposed to be the index of the movie in the store that you want to change. Some of you decided to get cleaver and have the parameter be a Movie object and do a name search... Bad design, refer to the Design Suggestion for more detail.

5. You put both classes in the same file (-2pt)

Ok, this is so dumb that I don't even know if I have to elaborate. So of you thought it was slick to put both Movie and Store class in the same file. That was über dumb since that tells me you don't quite want to link two user defined libraries. It also shows that someone wasn't paying attention in CS 132 when it comes to good style.

6. No driver (-5pt)

Ok, I don't know if you ran out of time or what but some of you have no driver. How am I suppose to have an easy time grading it (also in instructions too)?