CS 133 - Computer Programming C

Website: ???
Instructor: Adelaida Alban Medlock
Lab time: Wednesday 3 - 5 pm
Office Hours: Fridays 3 - 5 pm
Review Sessions: Friday 5 - 7 pm

Extra help (Review for exam or just helping out for your assignments)

  1. Conditionals
  2. string
  3. Loops
  4. Pass by Reference
  5. Classes
  6. const
  7. Operator Overload
  8. vector
  9. Searching
  10. Sorting
  11. Pointers
  12. Linked List
  13. Inheritance

Solutions to in pre-lab assignments:

  1. Assignment 1: Recursion diagram - assignment solution, extra credit solution

Design Suggestions and Solutions for Homeworks:

  1. Homework 1 - Design Suggestion, Common Concerns
  2. Homework 2 - Solutions

Lab Concerns:

  1. Lab 1 Concerns and Grading format
  2. Lab 2 Concerns and Grading format
  3. Lab 3: No concerns. If you have problem using the debugger, you should seek extra help.
  4. Lab 4 Concerns and Grading format

Snoozer of the week

Congratulations Nick! You are the first ever snoozer of the week. You have successfully fallen asleep long enough during lecture for me to do a detailed portraiture of you. Jason Jason... you tried but you failed. You tried so hard to not make it on the snoozer list this week but you failed, partially. You tried so hard to stay awake that I couldn't really get the proportions of your head just right, elongating it... too bad. Oh well, there is no next time but it's been fun.