Lab 4

Concerns and Grading Format

(-10pt for completely off on any questions, something like -5pt for partial credit on any questions)

Question 3:

I want the actual line where the vectors are declared:

vector<int> v, unsortedList;

Question 4:

Ok, question 3 is just asking you for the line that actually prompts the user for the size and resizes the vector using that size. Here is the exact line:

cout << "Number of elements in list to create: " ;
cin >> n ;

unsortedList.resize(n) ;

Question 6 (most missed):

What I am looking for is the actual parameters that keep track of the operation counts. It's only 2 of them:

moves, comparisons

Question 9:

Ok, some of you decided to prompt the user... not what I'm looking for... I'm looking for you to either make it go from 50 to 99 or size/2 to 99. I still gave you points if you where like 1 away.