ECE-C 301 Assignment 5: Design Patterns revisited

Due: Tuesday March 18, 2008

I. Instructions

You are to draw an UML for the problem assigned to you in class. The UML should show functionally how the project would work together in a form that you want it to. You are to write up a description of how you invision the project to work and provide a design for it. The design MUST incoporate design patterns taught in class. Also note that you don't have to have any functions or methods defined for the class, you can just have a box with a class name if you want. But if you are expect to define private attributes.


Anthony: TV (w/ remote control)
Randy: Cell phone
Jay: Digital camera
Sal: Landline telephone
David: Scientific calculator
Mike: Radio clock thingie

II. What to turn in

  1. UML in Dia or Visio format
  2. A Word document with description of your intentions as well as design features (like design patterns used and such)