ECE-C 301: Advanced Programming for Engineers




Grading Policy





Grading Policy

Weekly Labs: 20% (Attendance and Participation will count here)

Assignments: 25%

Projects: 15%

Midterm: 20%

Final: 20%

Attendance and Participation

Attendance and participation is mandatory. The weekly lab grades will reflect a student's attendance and participation. Attendance will be excused upon presentation of proper documentation with valid reason. Absence will not excuse the student from completion of labs.

Late Submissions

Late penalty will apply to all homeworks and projects turned in late. This will not apply to weekly labs, contact the instructor for further details on late labs. The late penalty is 10% deduction for everyday late up to 5 days late, in which case the late submission will not be accepted.

Academic Honesty

Academic honesty will be strictly enforced. Refer to your student handbook for the specifics of what that entail.

Academic honesty will be enforced on a case to case bases but will generally follow the following consequences:

  • First offense: 0 for the assignment/project/test
  • Second offense: Failure of course