ECEC 301 Midterm review

Only part 2 is open book now!

I. Exam structure

II. Strategies

1) Master of short term memory

Tackle Part 3 first, then 1... you might want to take part 2 home.

2) Master of long term memory

Tackle Part 1 first, then 3... you might want to take part 2 home.

3) Lord of them all

Tackle either part 1 or 3 then 2... don't go home until you're done!

4) Localized amnesia...

Start on page 1, find a problem that's not answered already that you know how to answer, answer it... repeat... you might want to skip the coding one and take it home. If you don't recognize any of them... you might want to find out if you are in the right class...