Jasper Zhang


Drexel University , Philadelphia PA, 2007
Master of Science: Computer Science

Drexel University , Philadelphia PA, 2005
Bachelor of Science: Digital Media, Minor: Computer Science


Best Graduate Research in College of Engineering
The DUPLEX Project, Drexel University Research Day, 2003

Received recognition for student demo, "Computer Graphics for Large-Scale Immersive Theaters"


Member of National Scholars Association
Member of Golden Key International Scholars Association
Member of Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Presentations and Publications

Jasper Z. Zhang, Sokol Petushi, William C. Regli, Fernando U. Garcia and David E. Breen, A Study of Shape Distributions for Estimating Histologic Grade, Conference Proceedings of the IEEE EMBC 2008, August 2008

Jasper Zhang, An approach to analyzing histology segmentations using shape distribution, Master’s thesis, March 2008

Sokol Petushi, Jeff Marker, Jasper Zhang, Weizhong Zhu, David Breen, Chaomei Chen, Xia Lin, Fernando Garcia, "A Visual Analytics System for Breast Tumor Evaluation", Analytical and Quantitative Cytology and Histology , Accepted July 2007

Real-Time 3D Graphics API , MCS society, Drexel University
Invited Lecture, July 13, 2005
An invited talk given to the Math and Computer Science society on the topic of game engines and other real time interactive graphics engines.
Labrador and Pen-based grading , DUPLEX, CS Department, Drexel University
Hosted Presentation, March 28, 2003
We presented pen tablet based grading scheme devised by the Drexel Computer Science Department, originally developed by the DUPLEX project as well as presentation on the Labrador system, designed by Rob Lass and Chris Cera.

Job and Research Experience

Consultant - Web designer, Graphics design (2006-2008)
Sahanghee Hahn,
•  Web design utilizing Flash and Dreamweaver, developing in ActionScript, JavaScript, HTML and CSS
•  Graphics design utilizing Photoshop and Illustrator. Products include CD labels, business card, and other branding.
Research Assistant (2005-2008)
Drexel Geometric Biomedical Computing Group , Department of Computer Science, Drexel University
•  Contour based surface reconstruction using level sets and implicit surface models.
•  Geometrical analysis using numerical analysis, machine learning, and signal processing.
Research Assistant (2005-2006)
Software Engineering Research Group (SERG) , Department of Computer Science, Drexel University
•  Development on REportal: a web based reverse engineering portal ( http://reportal.cs.drexel.edu )
•  Development of software forensics technology in author identification using numerical analysis and reverse engineering.
Research Assistant (2003-2006)
Drexel University Programming Learning Experience (DUPLEX) , Department of Computer Science, Drexel University
•  Development of instructional tools for computer science courses using primarily Microsoft technologies like .NET framework as well as other technologies like PHP.
•  Design of introductory programming courses for non-computer science majors, primarily the course sequences of CS 170s and 130s in the department of computer science.
•  Development of TA training materials, modeled after David Hallowell of the Drexel Learning Center .
Teaching Assistant (2003-2007)
Department of Computer Science , Drexel University
•  Manager of Cyber Learning Center , a tutoring center for all core undergraduate computer science courses. Responsibilities include managing staff hiring, furnishing and equipment proposals, scheduling of all TAs for office hours, and other tasks.
•  Head TA of all introduction programming courses managing 50 to 200 students in two to six courses per term. Responsibility involving grading, lab proctoring, assistant in course (re)design, and office hours for one-on-one tutoring.
•  TA for all computer graphics courses. Responsibilities involve helping students 1-on-1, providing examples for lectures and grading assignments.
•  TA for graduate level operating systems. Responsibilities involve helping students 1-on-1 and grading assignments.
Consultant – 3D Artist (2005-2006)
Mobility Technologies (Traffic.com) , Chesterbrook PA
•  Production of 3D models for the 3D traffic report (as seen on NBC10 and CBS3). Modeling includes box modeling, texture extraction, UVW unwrapping, and texture baking utilizing 3D Studio Max and Photoshop.

Consultant – ASP and SQL database development (2005)
Drexel Learning Center (DLC) , Drexel University
•  ASP and ASP.NET development for the DLC website to manage appointments and schedules of tutors. Part of the responsibility was to migrate data and applications from a Microsoft Access database to a MySQL database.
Volunteer – Web design (2004)
Audio Scripture Ministries , Holland Mi
•  General web graphics design and PHP application development for online forms.
Intern – Software Design (2004)
Mobility Technologies (Traffic.com) , Chesterbrook PA
•  Prototype of the 3D traffic report framework involving code in the .NET framework, (an unnamed) real-time graphics API, and interfacing of proprietary data layers. It also involved the utilization of skills in HCI engineering, graphics algorithms, graphics design, and others.
Student Hire (2002)
Dr. Martha Palmer, Institute and Research for Cognitive Science (IRCS), Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Pennsylvania
•  Responsibilities include redesign and manage her website, front desk work at IRCS, management of printing and publications, and others.
High School Intern (2000-2001)
Pennsylvania Production Associates (PAPA Video), Conshohocken PA
•  Video production and management in Avid, Premier, Boris Effects (now part of Adobe After Effects), After Effects, and Trinity
•  Interactive design and production in Flash and Director
•  Camera work, studio and field
•  Lighting design, studio
•  Special effects, live production

Technical Skills

C/C++, Java, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, .NET, SQL
Computer Graphics/Vision/Gaming
OpenGL, Gamebryo, Havok, Genesis3D, Image Magick, GSL
3D Art
3D Studio Max, Maya, Milkshape3D
2D Art
Photoshop, GIMP, Image Ready, Illustrator, Inkscape, Flash
Interactive Development
Dreamweaver, Flash, Director
Visual Effects
Combustion, After Effects, Boris Effects
Avid, Trinity, Premier, Final Cut Pro
CueMix, Pro Tools, Peak, Digital Performer