I am a Professor of Computer Science at Drexel University. Prior to joining Drexel in fall 2005, I was a postdoctoral research scientist at Columbia University. I received all my degrees from The University of Tokyo: both BE and ME in Information and Communication Engineering from the Department of Electrical and Electronical Engineering in 1997 and 1999, respectively, and PhD in Computer Science from the Department of Computer Science in 2002.

My research interests primarily lie in computer vision. In particular, I strive to develop novel models and computational algorithms to better extract, understand, and regenerate visual information from photographs and videos. To this end, my main focus centers on leveraging intrinsic structures of visual data – the latent structures that can be found in the geometry, radiometry, and motion of real-world scenes that are not necessarily apparent to our naked eyes. For this, I mainly rely on and develop research tools in machine learning and optics.

You can download my Curriculum Vitæ


  • Gabe Schwartz
  • Leizer Teran
  • Paras Wadaker

  • Steve Lombardi (PhD CS, September 2015, Oculus Research)
  • Geoff Oxholm (PhD CS, June 2014, Adobe Research)
  • Louis Kratz (PhD CS, June 2012, Curalate)
  • Prabin Bariya (MS CS, June 2011)
  • Ian Johnston (BS Math, June 2010, Boston University)
  • John Novatnack (MS CS, June 2008, Google)


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