1 Theory

Do the following problems from the text:

  1. [ex. 1.10 from text] For each distinct pair (i, j) of functions determine if fi ∈ O(fj), and if fj ∈ O(fi) . Show your reasoning.

    Assume f and g are positive functions on [0, ∞)

  2. [ex. 1.12 from text] Let N be the set of positive integers, and let R be the set of real numbers. For each of the procedures in Exercise 1.12, provide a function t: N -> R such that the computing time function of the procedure is an element of O(t). Make sure your function t is reasonably tight.

2 Implementation

The purpose of this assignment is to make sure you are familiar with the machinery you will need to do future assignments. Depending on your experience, this assignment may seem very easy, or it might take you a while.

  1. Type man man; know what the man command does.
  2. Type man make, see what make does for you.
  3. Now, go to my front page, or the resources frame on my CS265 page, find some links for a simple make tutorial.
  4. This part you will actually submit. The previous stuff was just for your edification.

    Write hello.py, a program that prints "Hello, World!" followed by a newline to stdout.

  5. Write a makefile that has (at least) the following target:

    Here is a sample makefile.

  6. Note that filenames are important. Please note that case matters. The assignment name is also very important; if you mess that up, it will get submitted, but to the wrong place, so that when we check it out, we won't find it.

    You may, optionally, also submit a file called README if you have anything you want to say to the grader. Note, again, that that is NOT readme, nor README.txt, e.g.