CS260 - Lectures

Week Topics Reading from Text Homework
1 Introduction to Python; Equivalence Relation, Asymptotic Behavior (Big-O, Dominance) 1 hw1
2 Arrays (review), lists; stacks and queues; maps, Searching 2 hw2
3 Trees; Huffman coding 3 hw3
4 Sets, hash tables, dictionaries 4 hw4
5 BSTs, Tries, Heaps (Priority Queues) 4, 5 hw5
6 (Midterm) 2-3 Trees 5 hw6
7 Disjoint Sets, Return midterm, Intro to Graphs 5, 6 hw7
8 Graphs - BFS:Dijkstra (SSSP), Floyd-Warshall (APSP), MST (Prim, Kruskal) 6, 7 hw8
9 Graphs - DFS, Dag, SCC, Topological Sort, Bipartite Matching 6 hw9
10 Sorting, Solving Recurrence Relations 8, 9 None

*Homeworks are in 2 parts: written, and implementation (programming). The written work will be submitted as a PDF . Both will be submitted, separately, via Blackboard Learn. Filenames for the theory portions will be hwn.pdf, where n is the homework number. Due dates can be gotten from Blackboard .

Most word processors these days will publish to PDF. lyx is a WYSIWYG LaTEX creator, publishes to PDF. It's free, runs on Linux, Mac and Windows. Download from http://www.lyx.org/ . Good info can be found on wiki.lyx.org .

I have supplied an example LaTeX file. Instructions for compiling are in the header comments. Here is the resulting PDF.

You might also want to look at TexMaker. Not a WYSIWYG, I think, but, a helpful environment for editing tex files.