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Jesse's Python Starter Kit

The TAs also recommend this gentle introduction to python.

Perhaps the most common introduction to python.

Many more introductions to python.

The python home page. This is probably much more than you need or want, but it's here to be complete.

Note that python provides a number of data structures that we will study. Please don't use built-in or library-provided data structures in your assignments unless they are not too relevant. If in doubt, ask.

A very nice reference on python and, at the same time, on beginning computer science, is Downey, Elkner, and Meyers' article How to Think Like a Computer Scientist.


Instructions on how to submit your homework are ~kschmidt/public_html/Ref/submit_cli.html.


All sorts of trees here:

2-3 trees

Here are a couple nice animations:



Thanks to Sarah Kushner