Lab - Git


For this lab, you will be creating two repositories just as you saw in lecture. You must create them using exactly the paths specified below. Remember, the UNIX file system is case sensitive!

To Do

  1. Create a repository at ~/cs265/lab2-git.
  2. Create a bare repository at ~/cs265/lab2-git-bare.
  3. Add your labsheet to the first repository that you created. Commit this file to the repository.
  4. Use one of the two methods from lecture to delete your answers. Commit your change.
  5. Oops, your work is gone! Check out the version of the labsheet that had all your answers.
  6. Add the answers to the following two questions to the answer sheet in your git repository, and to your lab answer sheet (which you will submit) :

    Q 1: What command did you use to recover your answers after you deleted them?

    Q 2: How will we be able to tell if you cheated and never deleted your answers in the first place?

  7. Push all your changes from ~/cs265/lab2-git to the bare repository ~/cs265/lab2-git-bare.

You do not need to submit anything for this section of the lab. However, you must make sure that your repositories are located at the paths we specified.