Lab - Junit

Implement a Java class gInt (Gaussian Integer) and write a JUnit test suite. Use Ant to bring it all together.


A Gaussian integer is a number of the form a + b i, where a (the real part), b (the imaginary part) are integers, and i is the square root of -1.

They are added in a very normal way. (a + b i) + (c + d i) = (a+c) + (b+d) i.

Multiplication should also look familiar. (a + b i) * (c + d i) = (ac-bd) + (ad+bc) i.

The gInt class

This class should have, at a minimum, the following behavior:

Your test framework - the gIntTest class

You can name the methods how you'd like (as long as they're good names). You will provide a test for each method, above (but not for the c'tors).

Remember, a single test does not go far towards being reliable. Consider all of the preconditions and postconditions! They must be tested too, not simply that you "got the right answer".


Provide a build file that compiles your classes and runs the tests. The default target will be test, which depends on the compile target.



Submit the following files: