Using submit_cli to submit your work

First, know that there are manpages:

man submit_cli

You need 2 pieces of information to submit your work:

The course ID
This is typically all lower-case, e.g., cs265
Your instructor should provide this
The assignment ID
This should also be supplied by the instructor
You can use submit_cli to see what is available for a given class for submission, along with due dates:
submit_cli --list -c class
So, e.g.:
submit_cli --list -c cs265 -v

Note: The assignment in the example above is l1, "ell-one". If your font makes it difficult to distinguish, find a different font, interface, whatever. Or, use the od utility. vi will identify the character under the cursor if you use the character sequence (from command-mode) g a .


Since you will list individual files on the command line, all the files to be submitted should be gathered into a directory.

Verifying Your Submission

You can use submit_cli to see what files have been submitted:

$ submit_cli --verify -c classID [-a assnID]

E.g., to see all files for all assignments for a given class:

$ submit_cli --verify -c cs265

Or you may, additionally, supply an assignment ID:

$ submit_cli --verify -ccs265 -al

Seeing Assignments and Due Dates

submit_cli can be used to view assignments available for submission for a given course:

$ submit_cli --list -cclassID


$ submit_cli --list -ccs265