The design of framework references "Realistic Ray Tracing" by Peter Shirley and R. Keith Morley

This is a 1024x1024 image before super sampling, which contains 4 spheres(parametric) and two bunnies(triangle mesh).

Running time: 510 seconds

This one is after super sampling:

Running time: 510 seconds

After implemented Hierarchical Bounding Boxes, the running time is increased to 32 seconds.
Here is the super sampled image:

Running time: 32 seconds

I implemented a new class: AxisAlignedBoundingBox(.cpp/.h). I implemented constructing hierarchical structure in advancedOperation(.ccp/.h), where I also implemented constructing the scene, merge bounding boxes etc. The structure of the whole program is a little different from the one I submitted for homework 2, I'll submit the program of new structure without bounding boxes together with the homework.

Here are some more images I generated to test the code:

Running time: 66 seconds

Running time: 58 seconds

Running time: 60 seconds
This is actually not quite what I wanted. I'll add ray transformation to my code.