CS 360
Winter 2015
Programming Language Concepts
Tuesdays, Thursdays 14:00-15:20
University Crossings 151

Geoffrey Mainland
University Crossings 106
Teaching Assistant:
Brian Lee
Warning! This material is for an old version of the course.


CS 360 covers basic concepts of the design and implementation of programming languages, including data representation and types, functions, sequence control, environments, block structure, subroutines and coroutines, storage management.

Course Staff


Geoffrey Mainland
Office: University Crossings 106
Office hours: Mondays 3pm-4pm; Wednesdays 3pm-5pm.

Teaching Assistant

Brian Lee
Office hours: Tuesdays 5pm-7pm, Cyber Learning Center, University Crossings 148.

There are other TAs, including Michael Conway and Mark Boady, who are qualified to help you with CS360. See the Cyber Learning Center web site for their office hours.

Course Discussion

Course discussion takes place on the BlackBoard course discussion board.


Using GHC

Unfortunately the default GHC installation on tux is broken—this guide will tell you how to get a working version.

Online programming language resources

A number of links containing additional information about some of the languages we will be using and/or studying.

Programming languages bibliography

A short bibliography related to CS 360. Many of the texts are available online or electronically from the Drexel library.

Course Text

Programming Languages Principles and Practice, 3rd ed [web site] [errata]