CS 360
Winter 2015
Programming Language Concepts
Tuesdays, Thursdays 14:00-15:20
University Crossings 151

Geoffrey Mainland
University Crossings 106
Teaching Assistant:
Brian Lee
Warning! This material is for an old version of the course.

Problem 1: Create a git repository (10 points)

The goal of this assignment is simply to connect to tux.cs.drexel.edu and create a git repository for your homework assignments.

In the future, each homework assignment will be contained within a separate subdirectory in your git repository, i.e., all files for homework N will be contained in the directory ~/cs360/git/hwN. Make sure you commit your changes to your git repository or we will not be able to see them and you will not receive credit. It is not enough to simply put your homework in the directory ~/cs360/git/hwN.

Please follow the above instructions carefully. You must name directories exactly as specified above—case matters. The program you write must also follow the given specification.