Installing Haskell (GHC) on your computer

Getting a working GHC installation is more difficult than getting DrRacket working. The web site is a great first stop for information about Haskell. For various reasons, we are not using the latest version (8.2.2) for CS 360. Instead, you should install 8.0.2-a, which you can find on the prior releases page at There are “minimal” and “full” installers for each platform; it doesn’t matter which you use.

Once you have GHC installed, we recommend you use the Atom editor to get a better IDE-like experience. Instructions for getting Atom set up for Haskell development are available from the Atom-Haskell web site.

Using ghci

You can read about GHC in the GHC User Guide. The chapter about ghci will probably be of particular interest. The GHC Library Documentation describes the functions available as part of the standard library.

ghci quick start

You can run the interpreter from the shell by typing ghci. The interpreter provides its own prompt, allowing you to enter Haskell expressions, which are then evaluated.

There is a nice Haskell emacs mode if you are so inclined. We have installed it in the course VM.

The interpreter also provides many useful commands. These commands start with a colon, :. Some of particular interest are:

You can see a list of commands with the :? command.