Quasiquoting is supported in GHC 6.10 and above. See the Quasiquotation tutorial on the Haskell wiki for a simple example. Also, please note that the syntax has changed slightly from that which is presented in the paper.

Audrey Tang has backported this feature to GHC 6.8.3. Her patch is available here.


  1. Mainland, G. 2007. Why It’s Nice to Be Quoted: Quasiquoting for Haskell. Proceedings of the ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Haskell (Haskell ’07) (Freiburg, Germany, Sep. 2007), 73–82.

A C Quasiquoting Library

The language-c-quote library for quasiquoting C and variations, including OpenCL and partial support for CUDA, is available on hackage and on github.