War Perspective: A Map of Civilian Deaths in the Iraq War on Familiar Locations

The goal of this project is to give you a better perspective on the toll that war has taken on the civilian population of Iraq. By clicking on one of the cities below, the map of a place you are familiar with will be overlaid with data representing civilian deaths in Iraq over a five year period.

We are constantly bombarded with numbers about how many people have died in the Iraq war. To many of us these numbers carry little weight as they are so large that we have a difficult time wrapping our heads around them. With the release of the Iraq War Logs by WikiLeaks, The Guardian created an interactive feature showing how these numbers look on a map. Still, the impact of this may be lost on someone who is not familiar with the geography of Iraq.

Cities: New York City | Washington, DC | Philadelphia | San Francisco | Los Angeles | Chicago
Original Location: Baghdad


Legend: = 1+ Civilian Deaths = 10+ Civilian Deaths = 50+ Civilian Deaths

Data & Development:
This page was thrown together quickly using the fairly limited Google Fusion Tables API and much more can be done with this visualization such as overlaying the data over any location and creating better icons to represent the number of deaths in each incident. If you would like to improve this project please feel free to do so. I can host any improvements or put a link on this site to your updated version. Here is the data:

-The Iraq War Logs
-The Guardian's table of all documented Iraq deaths.
-My modified table which removes all reports without civilian deaths and uses the visualizations you see here.

-Mike Brennan: mb553@drexel.edu
-Twitter: @brennan_mike