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Section 001 Wed. 06:00 to 08:50 PM Instructor: Prof. David Breen Room: Korman 117
Section 002 Tue. 06:30 to 09:20 PM Instructor: Prof. Adelaida A. Medlock Room: Korman 117
Section 003 Mon. 06:00 to 08:50 PM Instructor: Prof. Jeffrey Segall Room: Korman 117

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Course Description, Goals, and Objectives

Description from Catalog:
Fundamentals of structured and object-oriented programming in the language of instruction (e.g., C++). Topics include: variables, input and output, expressions, assignment statements, conditionals and branching, functions, parameter passing, and repetition.

This course is the first in a two-term sequence of computer programming courses in C++ (CS 171-2) and is a required course for students majoring in computer science, mathematics, physics, information systems, and digital media. It is also a required course for students pursuing a minor in computer science. The goal is for students completing this sequence to be competent programmers, able to write working C++ program on their own using appropriate constructs when presented with a problem description.

Students completing this course should be able to:



While there are no formal prerequisites for the course, students are expected to be computer literate. Prior programming experience ( such as that gained in CS164: Introduction to Computer Science, SE 101: Software Engineering I, CS 280: Multimedia Programming / Computer Programming Fundamentals, or PHYS 160: Introduction to Scientific Computing) is not required, but is definitely helpful.

Students who earned a "D" or lower in CS164/SE 101 (Introduction to Computer Science/Software Engineering I) are advised to enroll in CS 140 (Introduction to Multimedia Programming) or CS 143 (Computer Programming Fundamentals) instead of CS 171.



Big C++, 2nd Edition
Cay Horstmann, Timothy A. Budd
Wiley Publishing Company, 2009
ISBN 978-0-470-38328-5

List Price: $150.35 (paperback)

Available at the Drexel Bookstore (
Also available as an E-Textbook for $59.50 at

Software & Hardware Requirements

All Drexel students are required to have individual access to a dedicated computer which meets minimum specifications, including: processor speed, memory and secondary storage requirements, connectivity via high-speed or direct connection to campus network, and a CD/DVD drive. Please see for further information.

The official compiler used for this course is Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2010. This compiler runs under the Windows operating system only. Students using other operating systems are responsible for ensuring that programs they write will compile and run properly with Visual C++.

Drexel students may download a copy of Visual Studio .NET 2010. Drexel Students may obtain Visual C++/Visual Studio .NET 2010 Standard Edition via the Dreamspark Suite from Microsoft. To obtain Visual Studio, sign in to DrexelOne to verify your student status and connect to the appropriate JourneyEd product catalog.

Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2010
Microsoft Corporation

This course is operating with the Blackboard Course Management System (also referred to as Drexel Learn), which allows electronic submission of assignments, quizzes, and lab exercises, along with online chat sessions and threaded discussion groups. Instructions on usage of Drexel Learn will be given in the first assignment and lab exercise. You can access the Drexel Learn course website by visiting the and logging in using your Drexel userid and password. Further help is available at the login page.