Laboratory Assignments:

Each of the lab assignments below has a "pre-lab exercise" and a "group lab exercise". There is a navigation bar at the left that is used for switching between these. You should do the pre-lab exercise first.

As written, the pre-lab exercises are for individuals to complete prior to attending a lab, and lab exercises are to be completed by a group of students in the lab.

These labs are in "read-only" format. That means, you will see text boxes for answers to be typed in, but those are just there to show where the text boxes are in the WebCT version of these; nothing happens if you type stuff in. The WebCT version will accept answers input and saved, etc.

Instructions for using your WebCT account

Instructions for Pre-Lab 1 exercise

Lab 1

Getting Started with Visual C++

Lab 2

Types, Type Conversion, Bugs, and Manipulators

Lab 3

Numbers, Integer Division, cmath, and strings

Lab 4

Files, Graphics, and Pair Programming

Lab 5

Conditionals in C++

Lab 6

Subprograms, Pass by Value

Lab 7

Subprograms, Pass by Reference

Lab 8

Compound Conditionals and Random Numbers

Lab 9

Iteration in C++ - Loops and Nested Loops

Lab 10

Course Practicum