CS 387/680: Game AI

Student presentations


You will have to complete 3 small projects during the course. You will have to choose 3 from the list below. For each project, you will turn in the source-code, and present the projects to the instructor in special sessions in class.

Project 1: Steering Behaviors
Steering Behaviors in the PTSP (Java)

Project 2: Pathfinding
Pathfinding in S3 (Java)

Project 3: Behavior Trees
Scripting in Super Mario (Java)

Project 4: Strategic Decision Making
Strategic Decision Making in microRTS (Java)

Project 5: Procedural Content Generation
Procedural Content Generation in A4Engine (any language)

Custom Project
It is also acceptable to work on the projects mentioned above, but changing the domain. For example, you can do procedural content generation for Spelunky (since it allows loading maps from text files). Please consult the instructor before going ahead and working on your project!