CS 387/680: Game AI

Student presentations

Course Schedule

Student Presentations
1 March 31st Intro to Game AI (slides) - -
2 April 7th Movement and Steering Behaviors (slides) - -
3 April 14th Pathfinding (slides) - Manco, Estill
4 April 21st Decision Making (Decision Trees, FSMs, Behavior Trees) (slides) Project 1 due Chy, Bishop, Wang
5 April 28th Putting it all together: FPS Game AI. (slides) and Student Project Presentations Project 2 due ZhiChao, Benton
6 May 5th Midterm Project 3 due -
7 May 12th Tactic and Strategy (slides) - Dutko, Wang, Dong, Muoio
8 May 19th Procedural Content Generation (slides) - Adolph, Zhang, Daugherty
9 May 26th holiday (no class!) Project 4 due -
10 June 2nd Board Games (slides). Student Project Presentations Project 5 due Choudhury, Barrowclift, Partlow, Liu, Vansco
11 June 9th Final Exam -

This schedule is subject to change. Please check this website regularly for the most updated version.