CS675 Software Reverse Engineering

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The objective of this course is to expose students to the challenges of understanding and monitoring software systems. The approach is based on hands-on, lab-based, practical experience, where teams of students work on real software using state-of-the-art reverse engineering tools and algorithms.

This course is intended primarily for advanced graduate students with considerable programming experience. Typically the students taking this course major in Software Engineering and Computer Science. However, graduate students in other programs may take this course with the permission of the instructor.

Course Grading Scheme

Every member of the team will receive the same grade. If a team is not satisfied with the contributions of a team member, the entire team may come to discuss the matter with the instructor during office hours. If the instructor agrees with the complaints of a team toward its member, that member will be given the opportunity to drop the course to avoid receiving a poor grade.

Grading Rules

Course Schedule


Below are links to the RE tools you will need for the labs:


Students are responsible for reviewing the following presentations. They are encouraged to ask the instructor questions about them during the labs.

Research Papers

Below is a list of papers the students can read to get a deeper understanding of the presentations. In addition to the extensive resources in the Drexel University Library, students are encouraged to use on line resources to help find research papers For example:

Academic Honesty

The university's Academic Honesty policy is in effect for this course. Please read the "Academic Honesty" section in Chapter 11 of the Drexel University online student handbook.