Lab 6: Adding Malware Features to Java Application

Your goal is transform the java application from the first lab into Trojan malware. This modified application will be used in the next lab to measure the effectiveness of the logic-based software failure detection tool developed in the previous lab.

Your java application Trojan will operate normally as before the modification, however, certain actions will trigger a set of different malware features that are embedded in the source code. For example, a seemingly innocent feature like 'Save File' may, in addition to saving a file, trigger a malware feature that instructs the application to start sending SPAM messages.

Your Trojan malware can implement any number of malware features. Some examples are listed below, however this list is purely suggestive (use your creativity to devise any number of interesting malware features):

Do not reveal your malware features to the other teams. This secrecy will be important in a future lab. Also, do not run your malware outside of a VM, such as VMware or VirtualBox on the CS tux cluster, as it will cause problems to your computer and possibly disrupt the network. You should spend some time becoming familiar with VM technology and make sure that your malware is always executed in the VM.