My teaching schedule this quarter (Spring 2022) is:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9 AM CI103 Lecture A Office Hours CI103-060&061
10 AM CI103 Lecture B Office Hours " "
11 AM In person Office Hours Office Hours CI103-64&65
Noon In person Office Hours Office Hours " "
1 PM Office Hours
2 PM Office Hours
3 PM CS150 Lecture CI103-72 CS150 Lab
4 PM " " " "

My Syllabi are available online with three options for students. You can read the official version alone, the official version with my annotations, or a brief version called TLDR. Syllabus for CI101
Website for CS150

I am working from home sometimes and on campus Tuesday, and Thursday. You can make an appointment with me for an indiviudal meeting via Calendly or feel free to send me an email. I am happy to talk with students on most subjects! My in-person office hours are drop in but I do have a variety of meetings I may be called into, so it is still a good idea to look at Calendly to see if I am available.


Dr. Tammy Pirmann

Email (preferred contact): Tammy.R.Pirmann AT drexel DOT edu
OR trp74 AT drexel DOT edu

Office Phone: 215-895-3860

Office: 3675 Market St, 10th Floor, 1059
but also at home in Montgomery County