CS122 - Computation Lab II - Summer 2007

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Important Information about the Course

  1. Classroom: CS122 is offered this term as an online course, so there is no designated classroom.
  2. Labs: There will be a total of five labs this term, beginning on week two. The labs will be done at your own pace, and must all be completed and submitted by Friday, August 31. The labs will consist of tutorials, required problems, and optional problems to be solved using the Maple 10 computer algebra system. Solutions to each lab will be posted on Blackboard soon after the lab is due. (See Get Lab Solutions on the Blackboard CS122 home page.)
  3. Quizzes: There will be a total of four quizzes this term, beginning on week three. The quizzes will be done at your own pace, and must all be completed and submitted by Friday, August 31. The quizzes will be administered online using Maple TA. You may attempt each quiz up to 5 times before the due date. Your grade for each quiz will be the best score out of all your attempts. If you do not take a quiz, you will receive a grade of zero for that quiz. Maple TA will automatically reveal the answers to each quiz and provide you with detailed feedback on your work immediately after the quiz is due. You will need the following information to login to Maple TA in order to take a quiz or view your results in the class:
    1. Maple TA Login: Your Maple TA username is the same as your DrexelOne username (e.g., xyz23).
    2. Maple TA Password: Your initial Maple TA password is your Drexel student ID number (e.g., 12345678), not your DrexelOne password! After you login to Maple TA for the first time, you can change your Maple TA password to whatever you like.
  4. Office Hours: See below.
  5. Lab Submission: Before the due date of each lab, you must save your Maple worksheet and submit a record of your work in the place provided on Blackboard. Be sure to follow the online instructions carefully. Please remember to attach your Maple worksheet to your Blackboard submission and be careful so send us the correct worksheet — do not send us a blank worksheet by mistake! Note that you can download your worksheet from Blackboard later to continue working on it, and you can resubmit your work any time before the lab is due. (In order to resubmit your lab, you must first take back your original submission. To do this, use the Assignments icon in the upper right corner to go into to the Assignments screen, find your original lab submission under the Submitted tab, and then use the Take Back icon in the Options column to take back your old lab. After doing this, you will be able to submit your new lab to WebCT.)
  6. Lab Solutions: Solutions to each lab will be posted on Blackboard after the lab is due. See the Lab Solutions media collection on the Blackboard desktop.
  7. Lab Proficiency Exam: During finals week, there will be a lab proficiency exam. The exam will be timed and given using Maple TA. Any student who does not take the exam at the scheduled day and time will receive a grade of zero for the exam, unless documentation can be provided of serious extenuating circumstances (e.g., major illness, a death in the immediate family). Exam date: 09/04/2007 2PM-4PM
  8. Course Grades: Your grade in the five labs will count for 50% of your overall course grade. The five quizzes will count for 25% of your grade, and the lab proficiency exam will count for 25% of your grade. The course grading policy is summarized in the following table:

    Component Quantity Individual Weight Total Weight
    Labs 5 10% 50%
    Quizzes 5 5% 25%
    Exam 1 25% 25%

  9. Course Announcements: Course instructors will post additional announcements of interest to the entire class on Blackboard. (See Read Class Announcements on the Blackboard CS122 home page.)
  10. Course Discussions: You may post your own questions — or post answers to another student's questions — using the discussion topic provided for that purpose on Blackboard. (See Discuss Course Material on the Blackboard CS122 home page.)
  11. Contacting Your Instructor: You may contact your instructor directly via email. (See the course staff directory posted below.)

Course Policies

  1. Academic Integrity Policy: You are expected to conduct yourself with the highest level of academic integrity at all times. All incidents of academic dishonesty will be reported. Such incidents will be brought to the attention of Associate Dean Anthony Lowman and will become a permanent part of your academic record in the College of Engineering. Reportable offenses include, but are not limited to, the following:
    1. lying to course staff (e.g., claiming that Maple TA lost your quiz scores when the Maple TA system logs show that you never logged in to the quiz or answered any questions)
    2. cheating on a quiz (e.g., getting answers from other students and typing them in to Maple TA instead of doing your own work on the quiz)
    3. cheating on the exam (e.g. copying the work of another student, or providing help to another student during the exam).
  2. Lab Grading Policy: Your grade for each lab will range from full credit to no credit, or possibly something in between. The lab grades which will be given are described in the following table:

    Lab Grade Description
    1.00 Full Credit
    0.75 Partial Credit
    0.50 Partial Credit
    0.25 Partial Credit
    0.00 No Credit

  3. Makeup Policy: Labs will not be accepted after the solutions have been posted. Since you will have almost 2 weeks to complete each lab and an entire week to complete each quiz, and can submit a lab and take the quiz from anywhere you have access to a web browser, there will be no make-ups. If you do not take the exam during Week 10 because you were unaware of the exam date or because you simply forgot to attend, you will not be allowed to take a makeup exam after Week 10 is over. If you do not take the exam during Week 10 because of serious extenuating circumstances (e.g., you were very ill or had a death in the immediate family), you will be allowed to take a makeup exam after Week 10 is over — but only if you can provide official documentation of your circumstances (e.g., a doctor's note or a death certificate).

Weekly Events

The table below presents a weekly overview of all the events in this course: the five labs, the five quizzes, and the exam. These events begin the second week of classes and continue through the last week of classes. The table gives the availability dates for these events as well as the due date for the work associated with these events:

Event Available Due Description
Lab 1 Mon 7/2 Fri 8/31 Review of the key ideas which were introduced in CS 121. Submitted via Blackboard.
Quiz 1 Mon 7/2 Fri 8/31 Quiz 1 is taken online using Maple TA and covers Problems 15 from Lab 1.
Lab 2 Mon 7/2 Fri 8/31 Finding Roots with Numerical Methods. Submitted via Blackboard.
Quiz 2 Mon 7/2 Fri 8/31 Quiz 2 is taken online using Maple TA and covers Problems 14 from Lab 2.
Lab 3 Mon 7/2 Fri 8/31 A Program to Differentiate and Differentiating Programs. Submitted via Blackboard.
Quiz 3 Mon 7/2 Fri 8/31 Quiz 3 is taken online using Maple TA and covers Problems 13 from Lab 3.
Lab 4 Mon 7/2 Fri 8/31 Solving Global Optimization Problems in Maple. Submitted via Blackboard.
Quiz 4 Mon 7/2 Fri 8/31 Quiz 4 is taken online using Maple TA and covers Problems 13 from Lab 4.
Lab 5 Mon 7/2 Fri 8/31 The Geometry and Behavior of Newton's Method. Submitted via Blackboard.
Quiz 5 Mon 7/2 Fri 8/31 Quiz 5 is taken online using Maple TA and reviews Quizzes 1-4.
Exam Tue 9/4 Tue 9/4 Available 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM on Maple TA.

Course Staff

You are welcome to contact the primary instructor for your course by email with any questions or concerns you have about the course. Please do not contact the course coordinator, your instructor will either resolve your problem or will discuss your problem with the course coordinator on your behalf. Please follow these guidelines when contacting your instructor:
  1. Before you contact your instructor, (re)read the course website carefully to see if your question has already been answered here.
  2. Check the course announcements and course discussions on Blackboard to see if your concerns have already been addressed there.
  3. Whenever you contact your instructor, always include the following information in your email:
    1. your full name
    2. your section number
    3. your student ID number
    4. your DrexelOne username (if you are not writing from your Drexel email address).
  4. Understand that your instructor has many responsibilities and may not be able to send you an immediate reply. Please be patient. If your instructor is busy with other duties, sending repeated emails on the same topic will not help matters. If you do not receive a speedy reply to your email, try to see your instructor during office hours.
To determine the right person to contact with your questions or concerns, simply find your course number in the left-most column of the table below. The name and email address of the primary instructor for your course are listed in the same row as your course number.

Course Initials Name Position Status Affiliation Email
FWC Dr. Frederick W. Chapman Course Coordinator Faculty CS
CS121 NP Mr. Nam Pham Course Instructor Undergraduate CS
CS122 TC Mr. Timothy Cheeseman Course Instructor Undergraduate CS
CS123 DD Mr. Daniel De Sousa Course Instructor Undergraduate CS

Office Hours

Office hours will be held in University Crossings Room 147 throughout the term starting with the second week of classes.The days and times of office hours are listed in the table below, along with the initials of the course staff member on duty.

Please note that you are welcome to consult with any staff member during any of the scheduled office hours, even if it is not your regular instructor!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Nam Pham
Tim Cheeseman
Dan De Sousa

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