To my Homegrown Software page! All of this software has been written for a Unix type OS unless specified otherwise. But, since I don't do development on any other platform, there isn't much chance of that happening. Most of my software is GPL licensed. Free for all users, absolutely no warranty on anything. Most of the software here also has a GPG signed version available. My public key is available here.

CAN: CAN binAries for distributioN v1.0

A CAN is just like a JAR, except it's more sturdy and versatile. You can CAN any binaries and libraries, make your CAN executable, and even tweak your environment variables automatically at run-time with your CAN. If you want, you can put your JARs in CANs, and then they would keep longer.

Uma: Unix Mobile Agents v1.7

A generic, flexible, easy to use mobile agent architecture implemented in a bash script. This design is made to be trivial to deploy and setup.

You may configure your agent network topology ahead of time, removing the necessity for configuring it at runtime, or you can configure adhoc networks at runtime. Agents can be configured to traverse the network in sorted order, in user defined order, or as a random walk. They can also run in a repeated loop, or in a single pass through the network. Connections are made via public-key SSH connections.

Linda for Linux

A slightly modified version of the Linda environment originally programmed for Linux by Wong Weng Fai here. My modifications allow a (void*) argument to be passed to spawn(), and I've implemented a small linked list to facilitate arbitrary numbers of arguments via this method.

Give v1.5


Give allows users to quickly share files without the need to modify directory permissions or use world writeable temp spaces.

Logcheck v1.0

Parses your linux system logs and displays info in a nice format.

Scan v2.0


Use in conjunction with TCPWrappers to protect your host on the internet today. Does reverse scanning to hosts to find out information about them. This software is a set of bash shell scripts developed on linux.

Scan modules

These modules make Scan do stuff. Without them, Scan is kind of worthless.

Java Biff v1.0

The popular Biff utility. Runs either with a GUI or at console