Presented Jointly By: Rich Davis, Brandon Joyce, and Matthew Maycock
Given once a week at 2011 Juniper Street, Philadelphia PA
Email for contact.
Usually held on Wednesdays at 8PM (Doesn't really get started till 8:30/9:00.
First bit of class is used for any recount of previous material that is requested.


This list is not exhaustive. i.e. there will be things taught other than what is currently listed (i.e. when I learn it or think of it). Some things, like Abstract Algebra, may be expanded across multiple classes.

Class notes and problems are given in PDF format. Windows users can download a free reader from Adobe called Adobe Acrobat which can be downloaded here.

Date Class Topics Remarks
July 25th, 2005 Introduction to Set Theory Definitions & Standard Notations
Operations on Sets
Relations & Functions
Cardinality: Finite & Infinte Sets
Class notes are available here in PDF format.
August 3rd, 2005 Counting Pigeon Hole Principle
Class notes are available here in PDF format. The notes contain two problems, one which I would think is not trivial at this point in the learning. More problems will be put into all the notes as I come up with more.
Note -- notes do not yet have web links embedded. (Done soon)