I have joined the department of Computer Science at Drexel University in the Fall of 2007.

I had been previously worked in research, both in industry and academia, for 12 years, in the US as well as in Europe.

I am interested primarily in Software Engineering and Distributed Systems (in particular, Autonomic Computing).

More detailed information about my professional life, my research, and my personal side is available on these pages.

Giuseppe (Peppo) Valetto

Assistant Professor

Dept. of Computer Science

Drexel University


3141 Chestnut St.

Philadelphia, PA 19104


Email: valetto-at-cs-dot-drexel-dot-edu

Office: UC 106

Professional information:



SE311 - Software Architecture II

Winter 2009-10

CS575 - Software Design

Fall 2009-10

CS647 - Distributed Systems

Spring 2008-09


  1. Research interests

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Site news

  1. BulletJanuary 2010: Guest-lectured two doctoral seminaries at University of L’Aquila (Italy) on the theme of “The socio-technical nature of software development

  2. BulletSeptember 28, 2009: Senior Design Project available - on bio-inspired Peer-to-Peer networks.

  3. BulletSeptember 21,  2009: Fall quarter teaching: Software Design (CS 575)

  4. BulletSeptember, 16, 2009: presenting paper at the 3th IEEE Conference on Self-adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems