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Zhendong Wan

Associate Research Scientist, Drexel University,

University Crossing 132
Department of Computer Science
Drexel University
Phone: (215)-895-4910


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Other Interests

From time to time, I have some other interests besides research (to amuse myself).
The reasons I study them are my curiosity and their applibilities.


    Journal papers

  1. B. David Saunders and Zhendong Wan An engineered algorithm for the Smith form of an integer matrix, Submitted to ACM TOMS, 2006

  2. Zhendong Wan, An algorithm to solve integer linear systems exactly using numerical methods , Journal of Symbolic Computation, volume 41, issue 6, p621-632, 2006.

    Conference Proceedings

  3. Jean-Guillaume Dumas, Clement Pernet, and Zhendong Wan, Efficient Computation of the Characteristic Polynomial, ISSAC 2005, Beijing, China.

  4. Jeffrey Adamas, B. David Saunders, and Zhendong Wan, Signature of Symmetric Rational Matrices and the Unitary Dual of Lie Groups, ISSAC 2005, Beijing, China.

  5. B. David Saunders and Zhendong Wan, Smith Normal Form of Dense Integer Matrices, Fast Algorithms into Practice, ISSAC 2004, Spain.

    Conference Presentations

  6. Austin Lobo, B. David Saunders, and Zhendong Wan, Rank and Smith Form of extremely sparse matrices, ACA 2003, Raleigh, NC.

  7. Ahmet Duran, B. David Saunders, and Zhendong Wan, Hybrid algorithm for rank of sparse matrices , SIAM Applied Linear Algebra conference, 2003, Williamburge, VA.

    Conference Posters

  8. Werner Krandick, Shawn S. Pierce, and Zhendong Wan, Towards collaboration across display diversity, ISSAC'06 poster, Genoa, Italy

  9. B. David Saunders and Zhendong Wan, Fast Early Termination Technique in Symbolic Linear Algebra, ECCAD'05 Poster, Ashland, OH

  10. B. David Saunders and Zhendong Wan, Tighter Probability Bounds for Randomized Linear Algebra Algorithms, ECCAD'04 Poster, Waterloo, ON, Canada.

  11. Clement Pernet and Zhendong Wan, LU based algorithms for the characteristic polynomial over a finite field, ISSAC'03 Poster , Philly, PA.

  12. Ahmet Duran, B. David Saunders, and Zhendong Wan, Rank of sparse {0,1} matrices, ECCAD'03 Poster , Clemson, SC.

  13. Jean-Guillaume Dumas, William Turner, and Zhendong Wan, Exact solution to large sparse integer linear systems, Poster at ECCAD 2002, New York, NY.

Member of

  1. ACM
  2. SIAM

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