CS 583 - Introduction to Computer Vision

Won Seok Jang (wj35@drexel.edu)

Project 1 - Homography

1. Overview
To implement a program to rectify an image and superimpose one whole image or a part of an image into another using manually selected correspondences on planar surfaces in the images.

2. Files

3. Rectification
3.1 Main building at Drexel University
Original image Rectified image
/Rectification/drexel.jpg /output/drexel-rectified.jpg

3.2 College building
Original image Rectified image
/Rectification/building.jpg /output/building-rectified.jpg

3.3 Airport
Original image Rectified image
/Rectification/airport.jpg /output/airport-rectified.jpg

4. Composition
4.1 A sample composition
Source image Target image Composition
/Composition/face.jpg /Composition/laptop.jpg /output/face-composition.jpg

4.2 Baseball sign
Source image Target image Composition
/Composition/me.jpg /Composition/baseball.jpg /output/baseball-composition.jpg

4.3 View the Golden Gate bridge in the tunnel
Source image Target image
/Composition/ggb.jpg /Composition/tunnel.jpg
Mask image Composition
/Composition/tunnelMask.jpg /output/tunnel-mask-composition.jpg

5. Notes