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Dr. Yuanfang Cai

Professor in Computer Science

Office: University Crossings 104
Tel: +1 215 895 0298;
Fax: +1 215 895 0545;
Email: yfcai AT cs DOT drexel DOT edu

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    National Science Foundation:

  1. Collaborative Research: Elements: Software: Software Health Monitoring and Improvement Framework PIs: Yuanfang Cai (Drexel University) and Marouane Kessentini (University of Michigan-Dearborn), 2018-2021.

  2. CRI: CI-NEW: Collaborative Research: Constructing a Community-Wide Software Architecture Infrastructure PI Yuanfang Cai, collaborative project with Nenad Medvidovic at University of Southern California (Lead), Sam Malek at University of California Irvine, Mehdi Mirakhorli at Rochester Institute of Technology, Xiao Lu at Stevens Institute of Technology, and Rick Kazman at University of Hawaii, 2018-2021.

  3. SHF: Small: Collaborative: Managing Software Evolution through Continuous Measuring and Monitoring PIs: Yuanfang Cai (Drexel University) and Rick Kazman (University of Hawaii), 2018-2021.

  4. SHF: Medium: Collaborative Research: Finding and Fixing Architectural Hotspots: An Economics-Based Decision Support Approach PIs: Yuanfang Cai (Drexel University) and Rick Kazman (University of Hawaii), 2015-2018.

  5. Collaborative Research: Teaching Software Modularity through Architectural Review PIs: Yuanfang Cai (Drexel University), Jonathan Aldrich (Carnegie Mellon University), and Rick Kazman (University of Hawaii) 2012-2014.

  6. SHF: Small: Collaborative Research: Automating the Detection of Architectural Degradation in Software Systems PIs: Yuanfang Cai (Drexel University) and Nenad Medvidovic (University of Southern California), 2011-2014.

  7. SHF: Medium: Collaborative Research: An Economics-Based Framework for Assessing Software Modularization Decisions PIs: Yuanfang Cai (Drexel University) and Rick Kazman (University of Hawaii), 2011-2015.

  8. SHF:Small:Exploring the Synergy between Software Design and Organizational Structure. PI: Yuanfang Cai, Co-PI: Giuseppe Valetto. 2009-2012.

  9. CCLI: Contemporary Canonical Software Courses. PI: Yuanfang Cai, Co-PI: Jeffrey Popyack, Spiros Mancoridis, Jeff Salvage. 2009-2012).

  10. Siemens Corporation Research:

  11. Dynamic Positioning System. PI: Yuanfang Cai.  (2009-2010).